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As our customers have told us: “It seems as if your competition is trying to find creative ways to take our money, and your company is trying to find creative ways to save us money.”  We realize our customers are our future and we strive to provide a better value to each client; we are committed to working with the unique needs of each site to provide the most efficient, accurate, and economical system possible.

Company Profile
PDS Services LLC was founded in 1995 by Ferdinand Schlapper, with the goal of providing support for ATC212™ users in Wisconsin.  In 1999, one of our competitors made the announcement to discontinue support for the ATC212™  users, as of December 2001.  PDS Services LLC then made the decision to expand, and offer nationwide service for those ATC212™  users that do not want to abandon their current technology and move on to new, costly equipment.  Since then, our customer base has gone from under 10 to well over 50 and still growing.  In addition to the top-notch service we provide, we have a software package available, "PDSWare™ ", which allows your ATC212™  to perform at the level of some of the new technology currently on the market.  If your facility is looking for ways to lower dispensing errors and operating costs, deal with increasing prescription volumes, and growing workloads, PDS Services LLC has the system for you! 

For more information contact us at:
Toll Free: (800) 784-4552
Telephone: (608) 278-8804
FAX: (608) 278-1248
General Information: pdsservices@ameritech.net 
Sales: dschlapper@hotmail.com

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1124 Stewart Street
Madison, WI 53713

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