PDS Services Nutraceutical and Vitamin Packaging Division

Our company can package your product in convenient multi-dose strips. We produce custom personalized packs for individuals and can work with you to create plans which are tailored to a specific condition, health related goal, lifestyle, or age (weight loss, senior, pregnancy, body building, active lifestyle, etc.). We offer refurbished ATC212 machines with full support and software in case your company wants to do it's own custom packaging.

  • Each packet can be customized with your company's logo and/or contact and product info as desired.
  • The packaging film we use comes in either clear or white on one side.
  • With regards to the number of days on a strip, we can provide anything from single day sample packs, to 365 day supplies.
  • Our packaging experience spans 15 years and includes working with pharmaceuticals, herbal and nutraceuticals.
  • Our standard of quality control comes from our pharmacy background. We take great pride in producing high quality products and would provide nothing less for your company.
  • We can create or modify your existing website so that your orders are processed and customer profiles are maintained online.
  • We have in-house graphic designers and provide box production assistance.
  • A turn-key operation: we can work directly with your manufacturer to assure inventory control at all levels, including all reports and automatic re-order points.
  • We have the capacity to handle very high volume-we can produce 200,000+ packs each day.

We know that we can offer services that will be valuable to your company and your customers.

For more information please call:
Dave Schlapper at (608) 278-8804 or email Dave at pdsservices@ameritech.net

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