PDS Ware™

PDS Services offers a Replacement Software Package for your ATC212™ :

  • Run time speed increase, improved ease of use (runs at approximately 30 doses per minute)
  • The ability to quickly restart with any packet in an order
  • Multiple lines printed per drug (for pill descriptions)
  • Much faster order load times (3000 orders: 8-9 minutes old system, 1 minute new system)
  • Packet control numbers
  • No restrictions on what is printed on packets
  • More rotations of canister wheel before it quits and gives a canister alarm
  • Improved shutter control, which means less pill jumping to other packets
  • Error log generated for operators
  • Improved time sealing sequence, so commonly crushed pills (like prevacid) are much more likely to be unharmed
  • The number of users allowed is unlimited
  • The drug list maximum increases from 255 to an unlimited number
  • PDS Services L.L.C. maintains all intellectual property rights
  • Designed to run on Windows and Linux operating systems


For more information contact us at:
Toll Free: (800) 784-4552
Telephone: (608) 278-8804
FAX: (608) 278-1248
General Information: pdsservices@ameritech.net 
Sales: dschlapper@hotmail.com

Mailing address:
1124 Stewart Street
Madison, WI 53713

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